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Jill Meyer – Pepedogs, CT

Jill Photo

Jill Meyer is the lead trainer/instructor of Pepedogs, CT located in Brookfield, CT. Jill began working professionally with dogs as a canine handler in the scent detection field. As a result of her work in canine scent detection she became increasingly fascinated with the dog and human relationship. Canine scent detection inspired her to also work with dogs and clients in obedience and behavior modification.


Jill was personally trained by nationally recognized trainer Pepe Peruyero. Her training in both obedience and in scent detection comes from J&K Canine Academy founded by Pepe Peruyero in High Springs, Florida. Her training program is based on the PepeDogs model where the philosophy is to create an environment of stability and trust that instinctively motivates our dogs to follow our lead and depend on us.


Jill works with clients and their dogs one-on-one and in the classroom setting. In addition, she continues to work in the canine scent detection field.