Group Lessons

This is a partially-customized five-week program designed to meet the needs of the everyday pet. Three levels are available:

  • “Basic” This is an entry-level course focusing on socialization, basic obedience such as Heel, Sit, Stay and Down all with everyday distractions as well as discussion of common behavioral issues.
  • “Long Leash” This level develops skills chaining commands in-order to extend the obedience to a 15 foot leash focusing on the “recall” and other skills to begin to work off leash.
  • “Off Leash” This course is the last level of group obedience Pepedogs offers. We focus on simulating off leash work training with “Light lines” for safety and we strive to obtain maximum distance control using verbal commands and hand signals.

$169 / 5 week class, 1 Hour per week