Pepedogs CT is one of six Pepedogs locations throughout the country.

Our program is rooted in the creation of a stable, trusting environment for your dog, instinctively motivating him or her to follow your lead and to depend on you.  We will help you cultivate this environment through everyday resource control and will guide you through simple obedience commands that will strengthen and deepen your ability to communicate with your dog and therefore strengthen the bonds between you.

We offer a number of learning opportunities for you and your dog,  from beginner to advanced off leash,  individual and small group lessons, or day school classes for your dog while you’re at work.

Contact us directly or fill out a detailed form here and get started on a happier and healthier relationship with your dog!


Pepedogs Connecticut is a canine training and education company that uses a holistic approach to the learning and behavior of your dog. Our philosophy is based on education and an understanding of what affects your dog’s behavior.  To learn more about the Pepedogs philosophy, take a look here.


We have lessons available for everyone.

We offer small group and private lessons for all levels.  If your dog is in need of behavior modification, we can help!  With the help of video chatting technology, we can connect you with world renowned trainer and behaviorist Pepe Peruyero to address your specific problems to resolve any negative behaviors in your dog.

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